<VV> Oil Problem?

Les corvair at mts.net
Sun Jul 16 21:08:05 EDT 2006

You have lots of oil pressure but it's not getting where it needs to go. 
Do you have all the pushrods installed the right way around? (the end 
with the oil hole on the side, goes to the head end of the engine. The 
end with the oil hole on the end, goes to the lifters).

There's not much point tweaking stuff that you're not sure is broken 
(ignition, carbs etc) while you have something you KNOW is broken 
(lifters shouldn't be clacky, and you should have good oil flow at the 
head end of the pushrods).

corvair at mts.net

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>Subject: <VV> Oil Problem?
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>Good Morning VV owners!
>I have rebuilt my '63 -  84 HP PG using good parts from brother Lon. Prior to initial fire up, I pumped oil pressure on TDC for one minute w/drill, rotated 360 degrees - same thing to prime oil passages, lifters, etc. Observed 45 PSI on S-W test gauge in pressure sender hole throughout both priming cycles. Upon initial fire up, lifters clattered hard; very warm air exhaust after 30 seconds, shut it off. Next day tried again; very warm; no apparent oil pressure. 45 PSI still showing on gauge. 3rd try, lifters suddenly started going quiet; after 2 minutes they quieted entirely. Still showing 45 PSI. Ran well through body & paint phase, lifters quiet on startup; sounded good. I finally had enough faith in it to drive it to work; a 45 mile round trip; ran great; several compliments for "nice ride". I felt good enough yet  to sell it to provide income for my newest project - a 64 Spyder Coupe. As luck would have it, while prospective customer was driving it, it started stalling; w
> ouldn't idle; lifers becoming noisy. Customer said - no thanks. Since then, I've changed all ignition components, checked every vacuum connection, rebuilt both carbs, changed all intake gaskets; driving myself to distraction. Lifters sound totally flat; bare drizzle of oil into left valve cover; still 45 PSI. My book says oil systems regulated to 35 PSI - potentially blocked oil passage? I had block and rear housing professionally cleaned and everything looked perfect. Has anyone heard of such things occuring and what might cause the problem? I'm ready to make it into a pretty teal boat anchor! I'm sorry this is so lengthy, but it's the only way I know how to explain what is going on with my Vair. Any hints and assistance are sincerely appreciated. Have a good Sunday all.
>Stevan G. Williams,
>63 Monza 84 PG
>64 Spyder Coupe
>My 13th & 14th Vairs !!

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