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Sun Jul 16 22:56:32 EDT 2006

Running out of time with which to get my '64 racer together for the Mosport 
track event, this week I made the decision to take my stone-stock 1966 500 
coupe to the convention and to Oshawa.  At the track, instead of running 
for top speed I'll use this car to lead the NECC's "Taste of the Track" 

"Taste of the Track" allows newbies and persons with ordinary street cars 
like my '66 to dip their toes into the race track experience and get out 
there, all for an enticing $29.00 fee instead of the full $190.00 fee.

"Taste of the Track" participants will have the an opportunity to get a 
full view of the track driving experience. Myself and other members of the 
NECC team will lead participants through all the facets of what the driver 
does. No need to buy helmets and belts. All that's needed is the desire to 
have an interesting and fun filled day. Participants will also learn the 
behind-the-scenes activities involved in running a track event, enjoying a 
close-up insiders' view from corner stations, the start-finish line, and 
the timing and scoring tower.

But the best part will be the opportunity to experience the track as a 
driver. We'll provide the needed safety equipment and send the participants 
out on the track with their own cars.  Under controlled conditions they'll 
be able to experience the thrill of cornering and the exhilaration of the 
straightaways. Time permitting, it may even be possible to get a full-speed 
ride-along with one of our qualified drivers.

We have no limit on the number of persons who may participate, so join us 
and get a Taste of the Track. (All participants must either be eighteen 
years old or sixteen with written parent/guardian permission.).  "Taste of 
the Track" is open to all street-legal passenger cars.  If you're 
interested you can sign up on-site.

I am greatly looking forward to the Corvair Show in Oshawa next Sunday, the 
Mosport track event next Monday, and the Convention beginning next 
Tuesday.  See you there!


Robert W. Marlow
Vairtec at optonline.net 

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