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From: "Ray Rodriguez" <reray at echoes.net>
Subject: <VV> removing stainless rain-gutter trim? winshield trim?
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     I'm removing all the emblems/trim etc. from the Corsa to start getting
it ready for the body shop.  How do I remove the stainless trim along the
raingutters without damaging it?  I took it off my Chevelle once, but it
was a long time ago and I don't remember. 

     Also advice on removing windshield/back window stainless trim would be

     The "corsa" emblems on the quarter panels (the ones ahead of the
wheel) i'm guessing I can get to by removing the interior trim panels from
behind the doors... if there is a different way please let me know.

Ray Rodriguez
65 Corsa 140/4


For removing the roof trim, I use an old bottle opener with the rounded end
wrapped in masking tape.........had good luck doing it that way.
Most auto parts stores sell a special tool for removing the windshield
trim, it is fairly inexpensive and a lot better than breaking a window. It
has a handle and a flat piece of metal and a "hook". You have to fish
between the glass and the trim to release the clips holding the trim in

Good luck

Gary Swiatowy

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