<VV> Authors in Buffalo?

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Mon Jul 17 18:51:08 EDT 2006

Time for my pre-convention query whether certain authors of Corvair books 
will be at the convention.  Those who have thus far escaped my autograph hounding 

Bob Helt

Richard Finch

Bill Artzberger

and, while I'm at it, I noticed that  Mark Ellis and Dave Newell have 
autographed my '96 first edition of the 1969 Fingertip Facts book but not my '99 30th 
anniversary edition so I might as well hit them up for the newer copy while 
I'm at it.

So, how about it?  Any of these Corvair scholars expected in Buffalo?

Private replies O.K.

BTW, I made every effort this year to spell everyone's name correctly but 
there are no guarantees, either express or implied!  <GG>

~Bill Stanley

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