<VV> Crunch time, West Virginia Edition, Update

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet at charter.net
Mon Jul 17 21:31:57 EDT 2006

                                                    IT LIVES!!!!

Just finished breaking in the cam on the S/A/T Project car. The damn thing 
fired right up and ran on the first hit! This was a major hurdle for me. Now 
I can load the drivetrain tomorrow, then bleed the brakes, wire it up, etc. 

The neighbors all think I'm a little nuts. Several have never seen an engine 
running out of a car. It fastinates them. Plus they never saw a Corvair 
engine either.
Mostly I keep the shop door closed when it's this hot (95) and humid so the 
AC will keep it cool but I have to roll the engine out in the driveway on my 
ATV lift to run it. I did however spare them the noise of open headers as I 
installed a stock 140 exhaust system. I am anxious to hear it with open 
pipes though. It's been many a year since I last built a Corvair engine with 

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train....

Rick Norris 

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