<VV> Corvair-powered Westy Update

Bill Elliott corvair at fnader.com
Mon Jul 17 23:10:09 EDT 2006

Scott AFB near St Louis. About 1100 miles total.... mileage is ranging 
17 (70mph and/or hilly country) to 22mpg... much better than the 
mid-teens at 50-55 of a stock Westy. Oil usage under 1 quart so far, but 
they might have to add a quarter tomorrow. Zero problems despite 100 
degree heat... they are thankful I forced rooftop AC on them....

Rough route so far...

http://fnader.com/TRIP.htm  (hopefully some new pix tomorrow)

Thanks for all the encouragement!


Bill Elliott wrote:

> Well, I will be showing up to the Yenko 40th with an unprepared car 
> (not a shock at all to anyone) with only attention paid to the 
> necessary safety items (tires, bearings, brakes, etc)... though I had 
> grandiose plans (as usual) another car project (as well as a hectic 
> work schedule) has kept me from spending any time on my car.
> I know that many of us are not afraid of long trips at all, how many 
> of you would send out your wife and daughter (neither mechanically 
> inclined) for a 7500 mile trip around the US in a Corvair?
> Well I did (kind of)... and here is the story (so far).
> http://fnader.com/TRIP.htm
> I promise regular updates on the site.... good, bad, and ugly. They 
> are carrying a CORSA roster (and the VW camper equivalent)  and plenty 
> of spare parts.... so you've now had fair warning!  ;-)
> Bill

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