<VV> Re: Corvair-powered Westy Update

Bill Elliott corvair at fnader.com
Thu Jul 20 23:47:31 EDT 2006


Tinker AFB, OKC, OK.

108 (degrees, not mph!) on the road today... head temps never got over 
260 on the gauge (though I'm sure they are running a bit hotter than 
that  due to the high ambient temps skewing the thermocouple readings). 
Heads _inside_ the bus REALLY hot when stopped, but comfortable when 
running. They are again thankful for the rooftop AC at night (something 
I nearly had to force on them at the time...) Still averaging 19-20mpg, 
1 quart of oil added at around 1300 miles total.

First mechanical failure... driver's side wiper arm pulled loose by the 
air pressure of meeting huge rigs at high speeds...

Still fighting mobile email issues, so no pix yet, but they've taken plenty.



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