<VV> FC Engines - Harmonic Balancer or not?

Wade Halsey hihal at adelphia.net
Tue Jul 18 17:32:53 EDT 2006

> hihal at adelphia.net writes:
>     ---how about using the solid pulley from a late 95 and a "bolt on" harmonic
>     balancer----one that would bolt on in place of the AIR or AC pulley.

> > Rt66Vairs at aol.com wrote:

> >Just exactly how does the 95 get away without a Harmonic Balancer? Why is it so different?

LM 95 engines used a mild cam which develops peak torque and horsepower at considerably lower 
RPM's than 110, 140, and 180 engines. Even those engines are redlined at 5200 RPM. (I know many 
have run them at much higher RPM but that is the factory redline). I believe that Chevrolet felt 
that 95 engines would never see 5000 or above. I think the factory started putting harmonic 
balancers on all engines in the last 2 or 3 years of production. I have an early production 1966 
equipped with 95 and 3sp, and I know it came with a solid pulley.

Wade Halsey

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