<VV> FC Engines - Harmonic Balancer or not?

Brent Covey brentcovey at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 17:54:05 EDT 2006

Wade wrote;

> I have an early production 1966
> equipped with 95 and 3sp, and I know it came with a solid pulley.

All 1964 onwards engines (every powertrain combination) except 95/MT came
with a harmonic balancer. Not sure if 1964-'65 FC 95/MT gets a balancer,

There are 2 part numbers for the harmonic balancers- its the same part
exactly, however the ones that tested to best 'pitch' attenuation were
cherry picked for the 140/150/180/FC. Its designed to cancel a ~220Hz
signal, which is about "middle A" on your piano. Each ones a little more or
less 'on key' and the best ones got the HD part number.

Brent Covey
Vancouver BC

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