<VV> 1967 interior paint code

Bigwave thebigwave at comcast.net
Wed Jul 19 02:25:50 EDT 2006

Kent's website only mentioned 1966 interior paint codes so it does not apply to your 1967 model. I helped compile the 1965 and 1962 bodytag surveys and studied bodytags codes in general and here what I found for the years 1962 thru 1969 . First the interior paint code is not found on Los Angeles built cars. In 1962 and 1963, the interior paint code was a number next to the exterior paint code. That changed to a letter in 1964, and continued through 1966. It was changed to a number again in 1967 and for some unknown reason changed back to a letter again for 1968 and 1969. I did not research the 1967 Bodytags and only have 5 bodytags pictures from that year. The only interior paint codes on those tags are either "6" or "4" . I don't know what the codes are, but I can tell you that either "6" or "4" probably represent black which is the most common code. What is the interior paint color of your car? At least with your car we can identify one interior color for 1967. 

Bigwave Dave

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