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Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 19 15:39:03 EDT 2006

Hey Charles, The posts are knurled and you adjust the wiper arm, not 
the post. You want the passenger side
arm just a little above horizontal when at rest. Be VERY careful 
about adjusting the wiper arms and always use a
a shop cloth or a towel placed on the cowl BEFORE trying to 
pry/remove the wiper arm from the post. Did you
solve your trunk lock rod problem yet?

PS. Paint shops are notorious for painting the wiper posts so the 
wiper arms are not easily pushed on or removed.
make sure your posts have NO paint on them, that the striations are 
clean and you may even want to grease the
surface very slightly with some white lithium grease.

Chuck Armer

At 11:06 PM 7/18/2006, you wrote:
>Hey guys-
>Is there an adjustment on the posts that the wipers mount too. I'm
>putting things back together after the painting the shop replaced the
>lower windshield rail. Now the passenger side post is halfway into
>the valance panel. Do these things have an adjustments? Can I raise
>the passenger side post?

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