<VV> FC Engines - Harmonic Balancer or not?

Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Wed Jul 19 08:48:36 EDT 2006

At 02:48 PM 7/18/2006, Chris & Bill Strickland wrote:
>Although some will say this is heresy, maybe they are all off to convention --
>I prefer the solid cast pulleys on a Corvair engine -- the design of the 
>balancers is faulty and the stamped steel pulleys are not much better. On 
>the balancer the pulley groove is in the rubber mounted part, and even 
>when it is frequently inspected, the Lord only knows when it is going to 
>fail, and with the a/c you are going to be increasing the load from the 
>Now the harmonic balancer IS a good idea, and they work -- it is just that 
>on a Corvair, which has a much higher likelihood of balancer failure than 
>say a 350 V-8 due to the poor design, when that balancer fails, it takes 
>out the oil filter, and then also very likely, you are looking a broken 
>crank.  When this happens away from home with a family driver, it becomes 
>rather inconvenient. Them racer boys have a trailer and other 
>transportation, so when it breaks, they aren't stranded, so don't listen 
>to them.  Many of the show car guys don't drive in places where cell 
>phones don't work. But if this happens say out near Wagontire, Oregon, on 
>your way from Klamath Falls to Boise, whatcha gonna do?
>Bill Strickland

Its too bad GM didn't have you leading the thousands of engineers they employ.


Seriously, they wouldn't have spent the money to add the balancers if they 
weren't necessary.


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