<VV> Please Play Nice.

Garth Stapon corvair2 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 19 22:58:49 EDT 2006


How can I say this politely?

We all realize that all people do not agree with what is said, how it is said and at times what advice is given.

All that I ask is that you use your delete key as appropriate and not air your disagreements in public.

We are getting together to celebrate a great car with some great people in Buffalo. 

Let’s not drag things into the mud.

I ask this without judgment, but rater respect for the group.

Failure to comply may result in the suspension of posting privileges.

This is the least favorite part of my task as VV Chairman. 

I much prefer to send a thank you post to a person that has helped to solve another member's mechanical issue.

Please, someone pinch me! This is our hobby and it is supposed to be fun right?

With respect

Garth Stapon
Chairman VV

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