<VV> Re: Dampened enthusiasm

Bill Chellis chelvis at camano.net
Wed Jul 19 23:38:32 EDT 2006


Seems like your list missed the dustup over lifters and rockers :-)

But I'll be in Buffalo Tuesday thru Friday, so don't forget my wires.

Bill Chellis

 Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:22:25 EDT
 From: Sethracer at aol.com
 Subject: <VV> Balancers - Dampened enthusiasm
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 And so, folks, YOU were there when Harmonic Balancers joined the Virtual
 Vairs hall of fame, populated by electric fuel pumps, Pertronix power
 Electric fans, Communique arrival dates and rear window monikers. There are
 dozen more which shall go unnamed in this note. All the engineering has
 recounted, reasoning and years of experience on both sides outlined, and no
 obvious decision reachable. So now we should agree that it is a personal
 decision on whether to run a good one, a rebuilt one, or a pulley, solid or
 otherwise. Anything more is an opinion, and, of course, everyone has one of

 So, is anybody going to the convention? - Seth

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