<VV> Hard Luck

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Don't get him started.... ;>)

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>From the symptoms I'd say it's definitely your harmonic balancer!  You
do have one, don't you?  Otherwise, it's certainly the crank --
crankshaft, that is.  :-) 

Dave Keillor

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Smitty Says:  Sometimes there is hard luck and sometimes there is the
other kind.  Worse luck!!  Took off for Nelson Ledges this morning with
Spike on the tow bar.  Got 250 miles down the road, crusing along about
65 and heard this whap whap sound.  Nothing I had ever heard before.  I
backed off the throttle a bit to see if it made a difference and the
engine went from 3000 RPM to zero RPM in about a quarter of a second.
This was accompanyed by a big bang noise and then a whole lot of

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