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Here is what I have for interior paint codes. 

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The 1962-63 Corvairs have an extra digit on the trim or paint section of the tag. WRN has the extra digit for interior paint on the Paint section. Ex. 922-7 = Red with black interior paint. (2= blue, 3= aqua,4= fawn,5= red,7= black,8= saddle (63 only), 9= gold (62 only), R = White/Red (63 only) . Oakland cars have the code on the trim line.

1964 models have an extra letter instead of number in the Paint section of early style Fisher bodytag plates. The bodytag plate was changed in mid Oct (between 10A and 10E) to a 2nd  style and the interior paint code letter is relocated to the bottom right corner of bodytag. The 64 bodytag plate is changed again in Mid March (3C or D) to the same style that is also used on late model 65-66 Corvairs. Late models have a different paint code. They used a two character code employing two letters for hardtops and a one letter /one digit code for convertibles.  (see photo in the 1964 section for bodytag style change)

Ex. R-R = Regal red, R-C = two tone white top/red bottom, R-1 = Convertible with red paint and white Conv top. Top colors  are 1 = white 2 = black  3(WRN) or 6(LA) = beige   

Interior paint code is located at the top right corner of the late model bodytag. 

1964 Interior paint codes: A= Aqua B= Blue C= Saddle D= Red 

E= Black F= Fawn Q= White/Red

1965 Interior paint codes: A= Aqua B= Blue C= Saddle D= Red 

E= Black F= Fawn H= White/Aqua S= White/Black W= Slate 

1966 Interior paint codes : F= Fawn T= Turquoise S = White/Black D= Red  

R= Bright Blue E= Black Z= Bronze. 

1967 Interior paint codes : 1= Blue  4= Black  5= Fawn  6= Bright Blue  7= Gold. 
(These interior paint codes do not appear on Los Angeles built cars. )

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