<VV> CORSA Autocross Rules questions

P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 12:06:30 EDT 2006

Hello, all,
     I've recently been reading the CORSA Autocross Rules and came
across something that raises a couple of questions.
     In the section on Improved Stock cars, there is a list of
modifications each with a "point penalty".  There is no indication of a
correlation to these "penalty" points and track time.  It seems to be
only a system of saying what type of modifications are allowed in the
class.  If this is true, does a car with a full 100 points worth of
modifications compete even-up with a car that would qualify for Street
Stock class except that it has 65 series tires?
     Speaking of tires, the rules say that an IS car can use "any DOT
approved tire".  How is this interpreted in light of the many new
DOT-approved competition tires that have become available in the last
few years?
     Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Phil Raker
65 Corsa 140

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