<VV> Corsa update IV - running lean, float adjustment or jet change?

Guus de Haan corvair at corvair.nl
Fri Jul 21 14:25:18 EDT 2006

I decided to take the Corsa to work today.

A nice test drive over 60-70 miles with both highway and secondary  
road. Temperature was also a nice test. This morning about 75F while  
the trip back was something like 85-87F. The car drove at a 400F  
maximum but usually lower with at speeds up to 60 mph. The  
speedometer is very positive, 45 was enough to keep up with traffic  
on a road with 50 speed limit. It is also clear that the car runs (a  
little) lean. The Air/Fuel meter on the SafeGuard reads definitely  
more to the lean, especially after the engine heats up good after an  
hours drive or so. I'm talking almost to the limit of the lean scale  
for those that know the SafeGuard Air/Fuel indicator. This probably  
causes extra heat too.

I want to change some things but maybe someone can help me with a few  
questions. So the car runs lean. Changing the jet sound like the  
solution. Someone suggested that the lean mixture could also be float  
setting. Setting the fuel level a little higher might help. Is there  
a test (or trick) to decide if the level is okay without taking the  
carb apart? I can imagine a to low fuel level might effect other  
things like acceleration, high speed driving or turbo boost. Any ideas?

I want to order some bigger jets to see what happens. My carb's main  
jet is .089". Next one would be .094". Is this enough to get from  
lean to rich or do I have to go bigger?

The boost on the car is not maximum yet but it is there and funny  
enough even a little in second year. The combination of rebuild  
engine, turbo and carb seems to be a good one. Only needs some fine  

Have a good weekend!

Guus de Haan
The Netherlands
'65 Corsa Turbo-Charged Cvt

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