<VV> Corsa update IV - running lean, float adjustment or jet change?

Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Sat Jul 22 05:12:53 EDT 2006

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Subject: <VV> Corsa update IV - running lean, float adjustment or jet
. I'm talking almost to the limit of the lean scale
> for those that know the SafeGuard Air/Fuel indicator. This probably
> causes extra heat too.
Hi ... don[t let the indicator be on the lean side .. go to bigger jet, or
smaller needle to get the Safeguard a little on the rich side of nuetral.
That indicator only shows direction, not too exact on quantity (g) ....

If your needle is clearing the jet at higher throttle, you need a bigger
jet, a smaller needle tip won't help, the jet is already full open.

........ that YH carb is great if you need a hobby .... it is actually a
great carb when it works ... its just that you shouldn't get more than maybe
200 meters from your fixit shop .

I always thought the YH was a spastic dream copy of the SU carb, which was
around about 40 years before the YH.... but the YH designers never
understood the way the SU actually works, and missed the simple but nearly
bulletproof design of the SU, then they went ahead and put in design
features to make up for the errors they built in , in the first place.

Regards, ken campbell, iowa guy.

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