<VV> Clutch Trouble in Twinsburg

Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 22 09:01:34 EDT 2006

(apologies to those who may have read this in the Phorum already!)

Well, we left good ol' Bovey, MN Friday afternoon, made in to
Minneapolis to see my folks, and by some miracle actually drove from
Mpls to Twinsburg in one day, nearly 800 miles! Getting around Chicago
was hell..the whole area is pretty much a construction zone. But..here
we are, waiting for the Yenko's to pile in. Heading up to the Rock n
Roll hall of Fame in Cleveland today. 

But....I suspect trouble lurks... 

By the time we got here, I noticed my clutch barely disengages with the
pedal hard to the floor, and it's difficult to shift. And it seems like
more freeplay at the top than I'm used to. I also recall a clink
sound/feel in the pedal after pulling out of a toll booth, that at the
time I attributed to a rock hitting the car under the floor. Anyway....

So I'm wondering about the possibility of something being weird with
the clutch cable? it's relatively new, installed by the PO, and it's
been perfect for thousands of miles. Is there something that would
happen that would basically allow the cable to adjust itself to a bit
looser position? I was pondering maybe the cable had slipped off a
pulley somewhere in the system. Of course, I had meant to toss the shop
manual in before we left but forgot! 

Symptoms....clutch engages like..pedal an inch off the floor. Hard to
shift....well, between 3 and 4th is OK, but getting 2nd or reverse is
nearly impossible. I've never been under this car before, so not real
familier with the workings. A quick look under the dash this morning
shows nice pretty cable going around the pulley and off into the
tunnel. There is just enough slack in the cable that I can pull it
maybe a half inch. What do the gurus think? 

Gotta get this to Cleveland today, and of course Buffalo on Tuesday. It
drives, but it's very frustrating. 

Any Corvair mechanics hanging out here at the Hilton? 

Oh....it's a 64 Monza 4 speed, BTW. 

Tim in Twinsburg

You *can* repair a flip-flop with a capacitor!

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