<VV> Clutch Trouble in Twinsburg

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Sat Jul 22 10:18:02 EDT 2006

BTW it is possible to drive a very long distance with a clutch locked in 
gear. It does take a well-tuned engine and a tip-top battery. Shift to 
neutral and turn off the engine coming to a stop. Put in first and use the 
starter to get going. Upshifts need to be relatively quick and in the 
following manner: pull back to neutral then take foot off gas, wait for the 
revs to drop a bit and put in next gear. With a little practive it can 
become second nature just do not try to force it. Gentle works.

Once you get proficient, downshifts are possible: with foot on gas pull 
back to neutral. Rev engine and slip into lower gear.

In both cases you give it a little gas while shifting from a gear into 
neutral. If you take your foot off the gas first, the assembly will bind in 

That and taking care to avoid as many stops as possible will get you almost 
anywhere. I've use the same technique to get a slipping clutch home before.


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