<VV> Clutch Saga Continues

Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 22 12:08:19 EDT 2006

OK, it stopped raining long enough to get out and have a look. All the
puleys in the passenger compartment look perfect...new in fact, as does
the cable. I pulled the cover on the floor/firewall under the dash and
tried to follow the cable down to the bottom, where it appears to be OK
at that pulley too, although I can't *really* see in there. 

Backed the car up on the curb in the parking lot..got under, and
adjusted the slack out of the cable and it seems to be OK. I see no
indication of the cable itself going to heck on me..of course I haven't
pulled the pan under the car to get in and look, but at the ends and
the pulleys under the dash everything looks groovy.  pedal feels much
better and I can easily shift.

Then..decided..what the heck..long as it's on the curb, and there's a
NAPA two blocks away, me n the wife walked up to get some spray lithium
grease..figured I'd hit the various linkages and what not under the car
while it was handy....and on the walk back it starts pouring rain
again!  So we get back to the hotel, soaked..I climb under and give it
all a good spray while laying in the running water!  Now drying off,
changing, and test drive commin' up.  Plenty of Yenko guys
arriving..and if it gets nice out, may get it up in the air somehow and
have a close look at the pulley at the floor at the front of the tunnel
pan, but from what I could tell from above it was OK there too.  

Just bugs me how suddenly it would get so far out of adjustment. Or is
this something that can happen? Or can it happen gradually until it
gets to the point where one can notice it?

Tim..drying off in Twinsburg

You *can* repair a flip-flop with a capacitor!

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