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Cash Case cash.case at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 23 18:12:31 EDT 2006

I have an odd problem... maybe.  I hope someone here can help.  ;op

I rebuilt the dash on my 65 corsa. I took it out when I sent the car  
to be painted. (Two years ago)
To get the drivers dash out I had to take off the bevel/bezel  
(whatever it's called) around the headlight on/off/dimmer switch.
Most of you already know this... To get the knob off you have to  
reach up under the dash to where this switch is and locate a little  
spring mounted button and then pull the knob to turn on the  
headlights. Then you have to push this button down and pull on the  
knob to get it out of the switch. The interesting thing is that if  
the battery is connected the headlights are now on. I disconnected my  
battery before I sent it to paint so it wouldn't drain the battery.
When I connected the battery the headlights went on. I remembered  
taking the knob off the lights so I located the knob and pushed it  
back in. The headlights went off no problem. I put the dash back in  
and connected all the wires in the correct places... I think.

For the Corsa:
A main wired connector with two rows of connectors in it.
The vacuum gauge line.
The speedometer cable (I didn't connect. It's hollow, No center piece  
in it. That'll have to be fixed.)

Now the headlights won't come on, nor will any of the turn signals.  
The dimmer switch works as the dash lights get brighter as I turn the  
knob clockwise and dimmer when I turn it counter clockwise.

So I thought maybe I trashed the switch somehow. I replaced the  
switch and the problem remains. No exterior lights.

There is one wire that I see under the dash that I can find no  
connector to. I don't know if this is the problem but, it is located  
on the left side of the dash. It looks like it is coming out of the  
bundle of wires coming down from the overhead light. I think it's a  
ten gauge wire, maybe 12. It is black with a white stripe. It has a  
male connector on the end. It is not a blade connector, it's round. I  
can not find any receiving end for this wire.

Does anyone know what this wire might be?
-Thanks in advance

Cash Case
cash.case at sbcglobal.net

'65 Monza
'65 Corsa
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