<VV> E-mail Fixed! Convention update

Jeff Clark markii56 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 07:52:34 EDT 2006

My other Yahoo! e-mail address came back up late
yesterday- thanks to everyone for the suggestions

The sun's just come up here in Buffalo, illuminating
the beautiful 2-story high fountains in the center of
the drive court here at the Adam's Mark.  I can look
down and see Rich & Mary McClive's gorgeous late red
convertible currently on display, between the fountain
and the entrance to the hotel lobby.

Were amazed how many people are already here; we
didn't expect to see anyone till today or tomorrow. 
But Bob Duffy and Tony Viziak arrived, and the few
minutes I got to spend with those two yesterday
promises they'll insure we'll ALL have a good time! 
Those guys are a riot!

I don't know how many more of these messages I'll be
able to post, as I would imagine it starts to get a
little busy at this point.  I'll do my best to keep


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