<VV> Shuffle off to Buffalo

FrankCB at aol.com FrankCB at aol.com
Mon Jul 24 22:41:59 EDT 2006

    That's why IMnot soHO, EVERY Corvair needs a temp  gauge.  My Stewart 
Warner Corvair CHT gauge has been moved from one Corvair  to another.  It's use 
has enabled me to drive home 7 miles with a  completely separated harmonic 
balancer (no functioning fanbelt) by stopping and  cooling off the engine when the 
temp got above 450 deg.F. which occurred about  every 1-1/2 mile.  Another 
time we drove home from a local autocross on  only 3 cylinders (one of the 2 
carbs was completely blocked so 3 cylinders ran  on an infinitely high A/F 
ratio<GGG>)  Without a temp gauge these  trips would have resulted in a ruined 
    Frank "temp gauges for ALL Corvairs" Burkhard
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whubbell at cox.net writes:

Alice  and I arrived safely in Buffalo, about 1 pm today.  Our only  
excitement was a stretched fan belt just south of D.C.  First I heard  a 
couple of loud "pop"s (kind of like a backfire, but not so loud), next  the 
gas pedal began vibrating, and then finally the engine starting  pinging.  I 
never did get a warning light, because the belt only  loosened up - it was 
still was turning the generator, and the fan was  turning a little bit, but 
not enough.  I pulled over to the side of  the road and put on my spare belt 
and was back on the road in about 10  minutes.  In spite of all this, Alice 
burned no oil the entire 648  mile trip!  Oh well, that belt only lasted 6  

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