<VV> Re: stripping a 65 Corsa

Gary Hubbert hubbert at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 25 03:33:52 EDT 2006

> I'm stripping a 1965 Corsa rust bucket.  Odometer says 85K, but the shift 
> coupler and pin are about the worst I've seen, so it's been around once- 
> or the odometer quit a long time ago. 140 engine hasn't run in decades. 
> Anybody need anything in particular from a 65 Corsa?
  I've been waiting for someone to junk a corsa so I could get for our Club 
(CCRC), the panels that the "corsa" and the "corsa emblem" are mounted on. 
I'll need both LF & RT for both of them.  I plan to make hole locating 
templates out of them for easily locating the correct place to drill 
mounting holes.  It's a common modification for people that want to upgrade 
a daily street driver where matching numbers are not an issue.   If you 
could cut them out (SawZall, Cut off wheel, torch, or whatever), I'd be 
happy to pay a reasonable price and shipping.   I would need them cut out 
with enough material to reach points on the car to use as locating points. 
If this would be acceptable to you, contact me off line and I can give you a 
description of what I need.  It would be providing a service to the Corvair 
community  and would be highly appreciated.

hubbert at pacbell.net 

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