<VV> Convention Breakdown

Mike mainevair at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 25 06:39:37 EDT 2006

I made it to Buffalo from Maine, but not my '63 Spyder.  It gave up in Fort Plain, NY (near Utica) with a worn fan bearing.  I got it to a shop (praying they know which end the engine is in!!) and called Clark's.  They were helpful and are trying to get the parts to the shop ASAP.  At this point, I am not sure how I will get myself back to Fort Plain, NY.  I am hoping I can do that Sunday and enjoy the entire convention as much as possible --- but I have yet to talk the shop owner into a Sunday pickup.  I have given up on the idea of getting my Corvair here to Buffalo.  It is rather disappointing to be here without a car.
  Fortunately, along the way, I was in touch with VV member Ron Tinkham, who gave me a ride the rest of the way to Buffalo.  Ron's trip was not without some problems, but we got here!  
  -Mike Klaus
  '63 Spyder Convertible
  Scarborough, Maine

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