<VV> Anyone need some 140 heads?

John McMahon jmac2112 at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 26 16:16:06 EDT 2006

Here's the deal:  I've got an extra pair of 140 heads sitting around, and I 
need a pair of 95 heads.  The 140s are complete and intact, except for one 
broken fin on one of them (I have the piece), and look to be perfectly 
rebuildable.  The valve seats appear to be fine; they may or may not be 
loose, but they have not dropped.  I would like to perform the 
"milling-the-gasket-seat" operation on a pair of 95 head and run them on my 
110.  I see that Clarks sells rebuildable 140 heads for $250 apiece and 
rebuildable 95 heads for $99 apiece.

So, anyone interested in a partial exchange?


John McMahon
1965 Monza coupe 110 

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