<VV> Buffalo convention

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Sat Jul 29 23:46:01 EDT 2006

Boy, I just got home and all I find is negative reports about Buffalo.  I
had more fun at this convention than most others, as I entered everything
except the Econo Run.
Since I couldn't afford the host hotel, I stayed about 10 miles south in
Hamburg for $49 per night.  Not staying at the host hotel, I had to park in
a dirt lot under the 190 freeway, but it was only a few steps across the
street behind the parking garage and it worked OK for me.
I loved the location of the valve cover races on the ship.  That was cool!
My new skate board wheels didn't work very well and I was beaten by Helen
Smith in the second round.
The concours was in a beautiful grassy park and, other than a map you
couldn't read, I did find the location, parked my car in the display area
and judged concours cars all day with Larry Claypool.  Nearly had a heat
stroke but there was plenty of water provided and a nice lunch for the
The autocross was at a race track (where it should be) and Warren LeVeque
liked the course, so that was proof it was OK.  I threw my '65 sedan around
the best I could and ran the 3rd round in the rain!  Never did find out what
times I turned.  Discovered my car is not waterproof!  Had water running in
under the windshield and over the top of the dash on the return trip.  Just
can't trust those eBay purchases!
The rally was a hoot!  100 miles without a stoplight!  My co-pilot was
Michael LeVeque and we had fun bull shipping while missing turns!  At least
we found our way back to the park.  This was the best rally I've been on in
years and I'll have my work cut out for me as rally master for the 2007
Hopefully we won't have the same issues next year as the hotel is in the
suburbs 15 miles from downtown Detroit.
I believe we will have adequate parking on site for all the trucks and
The concours will be at the GM Tech Center 3 miles south of the hotel on the
same road.
The autocross will be at Waterford Hills Raceway.
The rally might have to start off site to get away from the usual traffic
lights but I'll figure something out there.
There will be an NECC track event on Monday of convention week and Brian
O'Neil and I will be working on a drag race day or even a night race at one
of two locations about an hour from the hotel.
Should be fun!
Clark Hartzel

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