<VV> Convention

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Sat Jul 29 23:49:18 EDT 2006

Smitty Says;  Just got home from the Convention and am pretty tired of driving but I want to make a couple of comments.  A bunch of people worked their butts off to make the convention the best it could be under the circumstances.  I don't know if they were handed a raw deal or if they actually thought they were doing the right thing by selecting that over rated grandiose (but greatly lacking) hotel for a Convention location.  I heard nothing but good things about the events themselves, but naturally a few complained about the distance to the autocross and the concours.  It would have been nice to have them near the convention center.  It was obvious that the hotel wanted nothing to do with Cars in general and Corvairs in particular, doing their best to keep them out of sight at every opportunity.  For the number of Corvairs visible at any one time a passerby could almost assume that the few there could have almost gathered together accidently.  If one wanted to see a
 Corvair he had to go to the second floor of a dingy dark parking garage where the hotel (and the CORSA negotiators) hid them.  As a "for instance" of the parking situation, a friend of mine had this typical confrontation at the desk upon checking in.  Ok where do I park my Corvair.  There is a lot to your right outside by which you can access the garage for $6.  No, you don't understand.  I am a registered guest at this hotel.  Where do I park my car?  As I said, you can park in the garage for $6.  Free parking is for out 4 star guests.  My friend then, who is a pretty big man, leaned over the counter and went nose to nose with the individual and in a very ernest and personal conversation convinced the individual to give him a parking pass (or else).  How sad that such a thing should happen.   My wife and I stayed at a hotel down the street because it was pet friendly to our little dog.  Our room was clean, fresh and a third bigger than the ones I saw in the convention
 hotel, at two thirds the price.  Yeah I know you have to sell convention rooms to get the rooms for meetings etc.  That doesn't mean we should accept any less than a nice place to stay to get those rooms.
        I'm not out to rip up the convention, but I do feel that if the site can't meet certain standards then it is time to find another site.  Again, thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the convention visit a good one.

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