<VV> Bohunk

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Sun Jul 30 00:15:16 EDT 2006

Smitty Says:  The Boss Bohunk tells me that BBRT happenings are stupid funny things we do where nobody gets hurt.  Here is mine.  I had a junker 64 sitting outside my house that I wanted to cannibalize the transverse spring from.  It had a 63 diff in it so the center of the spring was just resting against the bottom of that.  It had been raining for several days so the ground was quite soggy.  Since the spring wasn't fastened in the center I figured I'd just lay a carpet on the ground and reach under and undo the nuts at the ends of the spring.  So as the nut was almost off I cupped the ratchet wrench in my palm and took the nut off the last thread.  Whap. the end of the spring came down and fired my hand into the soft turf about 4 inches.  It didn't hurt but I sure wasn't going anywhere.  I tried hollering for the wife.  There was no use trying to get a neighbor as my house is an end of the street house and the car was on the dead end side.  After laying there for a few
 minutes considering what it was like to die of malnutrition I discovered that I could force my other arm under the car far enough and with considerable pain and reach the trapped hand with one finger to dig away the mud from underneath it.  A good 20 minutes went by before I was able to move enough dirt to pull free.  I didn't die.

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