<VV> "mike needs help" with his spoiler

Dan blackcatrecords at cox.net
Mon Jul 31 00:54:26 EDT 2006

actually mike,
if you look at the picture you would notice that it was of a different car 
completely then the one I sold. the pictures are of "cristine" . the car 
that I sold was gold color 63 coupe " faith " .you know this because you 
worked on the gold car after I sold it .. my car  is silver/rust color with 
the white wheels is the autocrossed/rat rod car , it got the good wide 
grometted self tapers.. gee.. mike , cheek your glasses... self tapers are 
still holding after 3 years and one autocross season.. but there was the 
time I bumped it in a parking curb , concrete vs fiberglass ? concrete wins 
every time.. good luck with your spoilers, mike.
the last time I bought the spoiler kit it came metal bars to stabilize it 
even more...but I am sure with a few pieces of metal and a good vice to bend 
them with , the average Joe could make some nice brackets if needed... mike 
..if you have any more comments directed toward me..please do it off list.. 
this is not the place for your "Issues" you still live in the same city. 
right ?. and you still know my address .. feel free to stop by and "talk" 
about them , I would love to "talk" vairs with you..

have a nice day ..!..  ..!..

dan avallone-wfcc 06
lots o vairs

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