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> I drove my '65 Monza convertible from Seaford VA to Buffalo NY and back and 
> you know what?  It ran great.  It ran, and I mean this as a sincere 
> compliment, like a Honda.  When I drove my Honda minivan to Kansas a couple years 
> ago, I didn't even worry about it.  It drove like a refrigerator - no problems.  
> Well I started my trip with the Corvair with apprehension - after all, it is 
> a 41 year old car.  But it too ran like a refrigerator.  We were passing 
> cars going up the steep grades and going a little too fast coming down.  It just 
> ran and ran and didn't give me one bit of a problem.  I almost stopped 
> worrying at one point.  What a car.  I'm going to go out and give it a big hug and 
> a kiss!!  Maybe I'll drive it to California in 2008!!!  err, maybe not.  
> They got these big flying gizmos for trips that long.
> mike 
> Virginia is for (Corvair) Lovers - like me!

Mike,  if you'd been around in 99  you'd remember my Immortal 
Vair........drove it Today!

Out of a wrecking yard....hodgepodge of parts.....110 cyl. head with 
thermister hole drilled INTO  the chamber....6 different makers of sparkplugs  [ to 
settle a discussion ]  ALL  but mech fuelpump]USED PARTS....$250 paintjob....$35 
worth of Aluminum mags and tires....3.89 geared!  

600 miles up through L A  and over the Sierras [ Monitor Pass / 8800 ft] and 
it was over 100 until the Tahoe basin was in sight...No spares...tools...just 
a jack and tire...and yes I drove up with friends with tools and  another 
car....but they took ill and left early...

All alone...Sat PM after the AX....down Hwy 395 [ 3 very steep passes]  into 
the Desert..........spent the night at  China Lake NWS [ Ridgecrest]  and then 
home by noon on Sun.....  2.5 qt's oil......[ 4200 rpm at 80mph]  and a high 
on ONE tankful of 33mpg.....436 miles!

Only swapped powerpacks after getting  an Ed Corsen built 110 / 3.08 pack [ 
40 mpg in the 1980 Conv.] that had set under a pepper tree for 15 yrs..   

No fear!

Matt Nall
stocker, mod, v8, turbo, boat, Sandcar
Timogen was a softy!

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