<VV> RE : VV meeting

Garth Stapon corvair2 at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 30 10:05:02 EDT 2006


Approximately 75 were in attendance.

There was a great deal of productive discussion.

If one considered the length of Corvair ownership, I would estimate 1,500 years cumulative.

If I were to factor in the number of cars that could be increased to over 300 with one owner having 66.

There were some funky things happening with the lights in the hall. My perception was that people are very happy with VV and find it a useful and valuable tool.

We floated the idea of a VV library, but this was judged to be too costly.

I have some discussion notes which I will be sending to VV.

Overall, it was a very productive two way discussion.

Regards, Garth Stapon
Chairman VV

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