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4carbcorvair 4carbcorvair at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 20:55:34 EDT 2006

Hi all. Wanted to share my adventure to Buffalo. This was my first
Left Maine bright and early on Monday morning so I would be able to make the
Tonowanda plant tour. Headed out at about 7am, kept in contact with a fellow
Corvair owner and met in Mass. to ride together. First stop, where we met, I
noticed my fan belt had flipped about 1/4 turn on the fan pulley and also
noticed some fraying of the belt. So I whipped out my replacement and
installed it as to not have issues later on. After leaving the rest area,
vaporlock. Of coarse, it drains the carbs and waits till you get ONTO the
highway.  No biggie, got it going. Engine temps according to the stock guage
at this point had held a steady 350ish degrees. After hitting the hills of
western Mass., temps creaped up to 400 and 425. They pretty much stayed
there my entire trip out. I kept having fuel delivery issues. after about
the 5th time and a very nice trooper tyring to talk me into getting a tow, I
found a truck stop and changed out the fuel pump. Ran much better after
installing my old spare pump. Still had vaporlock issues if I stopped the
car. Than the voltage regulator decided it wanted to keep playing and not
stop. Cooked my battery. The smell of a cooking battery is not pleasant. Met
up with some members of the NH club (which I'm a member), and they helped me
out. We disconnected the regulator so I didn't blow up the battery and we
rapped the fuel lines in some tin foil which actually seemed to help a bit
with the vaporlock. (Thanks again guys!!!) After arriving at the Adams Mark,
the Corsa would not start while sitting in front of the Hotel. Battery was
cooked. Some members pushed me so I could jump it and I got the car to the
parking garage. On Tuesday morning I met up with another CORSA member who
needed to have a tire checked out. I bummed a ride to get a battery and a
regulator. Clarks didn't open unitl 1, so I had to wait to get an
alternator. I didn't want to risk the ride home seeing how the alt. had been
constantly charging most of the way out. Better safe than sorry. Picked up
an electric fuel pump while I was at Clarks display. My Tonowanda tour was
at 10am, wasn't able to take my Corsa as I did not have the parts at the
time to get it going. I tried to bum a ride, only two people I found going
in my time slot were in a Corvette........ I didn't make the tour. Got the
car up and running later that day, a huge relief. Entered the Corsa into the
show on Wed. Totally amazing to see so many Corvairs in one spot!! Some very
nice Corvairs, everything fron drivers to full fledged concourse cars. Made
it to the Autocross on Thurs., It was amazing to watch these cool little
cars go around the track! Hung out on Friday and made my trek back to Maine
on Sat. morning. Arrived at my house Sat. evening with no issues. I got
quite a few thumbs ups, waves and smiles along the way. People would come
running up at gas stations etc..... It's a great feeling to drive a car that
is so cool. I didn't hang around for the banquet as I wanted to go to the
SuperChevy show in Epping, NH today. I was the only Corvair at the show. Got
many compliments, and quite a few people wishing for more Corvairs at the
show. As far as the whole convention deal goes, I have nothing to compare it
too. I had a great time seeing so many cars, especially in the parking
garage!!! And most of all, the people. The nicest group of people I have
EVER met. Thank you.

Ron Tinkham

66 Corsa Convertable, 140, 4sp.

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