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Sun Jul 30 21:11:48 EDT 2006

Since I've done at least a third of the things on the first Bohunk post I  
thought I'd add one new one.  
Decades ago while lying on my back under a '66 convert trying to break  loose 
a rusty nut that I had been "worrying" for the better part of a Saturday,  I 
was able to get a six point socket on it and move it a little bit at a time  
with my 18" breaker bar.  With fresh Liquid Wrench applied I decided it was  
time for a little more speed so I swapped the 18" handle for the regular ratchet 
 handle and proceeded to pull--HARD.  Tight quarters so my head was  only a 
handle length away when the bolt broke and I vaguely remember being hit  in the 
head with the hand pulling the wrench handle.  But it was now well  after 
dark and the sun hadn't yet set when I last remembered pulling on the  wrench.  
It seemed my hand had not fully covered the wrench handle and the  exposed end 
had hit me in the head when the bolt broke, knocking me out.   Bad bruise near 
my temple and a bad headache, but the part was loose.  Now  I never hurry and 
I take the time to get all body parts out of the way when  breaking old parts 
Bob Hall
Group Corvair

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