Re2: <VV> Convention Thoughts -- a contrarian speaks

Bryan Blackwell bryan at
Mon Jul 31 09:03:07 EDT 2006

I'll add one other thing - the convention itself has changed 
considerably in terms of attendees.  Some of this is obvious, some not 
so much.  Note that one thing that came up is trailer parking.  Even 
ten years ago this wasn't much of a concern, but there are lots more 
trailered cars now.
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On Jul 31, 2006, at 1:06 AM, Jim Burkhard wrote:

> What ultimately should come out of sensible dialog is perhaps a 
> reranking of convention site "desirables" -->  Maybe "Feature XXX 
> should ALWAYS be present, even if YYY and ZZZ have to be sacrificed a 
> bit".  In most areas, the "perfect" car-club friendly hotel for such a 
> large event does not exist and there are quite few that are even in 
> the running for hitting most of the (believed) important items. 
> Something has to give.  Constructive feedback helps CORSA and future 
> host clubs try to better understand what (most) people find essential 
> and what (most) people consider "nice, but sacrificable".

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