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> >they boiled the fluid in the rear brakes 
> >on the "Lost Coast" but where able to make it into their hotel... 
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> --How did they manage that?  It's mostly FLAT?  A little hill outside of 
> Laytonville...[ Correction......Ferndale]
> That is still V W  country.....glad it's an easy fix!
Bill replies privately...

Marianne was talking about nearly 30 degree inclines... didn't sound 
very flat to me!


After looking at their  Journal.....WHOA!!  the ladies are Ballsy!  gggg  The 
inclines aren't the killer...it's the switchbacks!

The way they went is a killer road....took a friend 4 days in a  long 
vehicle....I've only done THAT stretch on a Motorcycle [ XT350 Yamaha]....

"Normally"  tourists  go thru Humboldt State park to Petrolia and up to 
Capetown and over to Ferndale....done it in my Supra.....just a few miles of 

Sad that it burnt them out for the Oregon Coast....they missed the best!  

Saw some of the VW's yesterday on my way back south........on Hideous 
I-5....Boring!! ggg  Picked up a hitchhiker in Canyonville..just for 
conversation.....She had a sign saying she doesn't wear #$%$  ggg   A panhandler going to the 
NorCal Coast...said she's researching for her book.....to be titled 
"A$$hole"!!     how many times have I heard that story......ggggg 

Matt Nall
stocker, mod, v8, turbo, boat, Sandcar
Timogen was a softy!

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