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You check the level when the engine is running!? preferably HOT.

Most likely the screen is plugged.......if fluid level is correct.

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Yesterday I drove home my 3rd Corvair. 340 miles. Before taking the car I test drove it and it shifted fine, all gears seemed OK. Fluid level was OK. Previous owner said it has had a small leak for 10 years and all he added about 1 pint at the beginning of each summer. So anyway, after about 100 miles I take a rest stop and in the parking lot on a hard right low speed, the PG slips. While filling the gas I checked the fluid level and it was about 1/2 pint low so I added a few ounces of tranny fluid. All good on the highway. Once near home in the neighborhood again I have slippage on a hard right. This all not so bad? But this morning, I start her up and I have no forward and no reverse. I check the ATF and the dip stick has nothing on it!! There is no fluid under the car on the ground. I added about 1 pint and I seem to have forward, but still no reverse, and I have to back it up to move it. So, does this make any sense? Can the tranny be that low on fluid and still have seemed OK? I'm thinking of just adding ATF unitl I see the level on the dipstick. Is this safe or do I risk overfilling??

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