<VV> RE: Hoaxsters at Corvair . org Classifieds??????

allvair at allvair.com allvair at allvair.com
Sat Dec 1 18:42:05 EST 2007

THIS TYPE of problem should be addressed to? VV-HELP at corvair.org.

2nd.? If the "secure Mail system"? isn't working....then it cannot be controlled by CORSA????

I'm suprised...you surely have read of all the others that have gotten these type replies from many different? websites that offer Classifieds....

I get? emails for all sorts of stuff that I've never dealt with.....luckily AOL? filters 99% out....so it's in my SPAM? folder....like this one was!!!!

Matt Nall
Web= http://tinyurl.com/3ds7d

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From: cfm <cfmann at yahoo.com>

I tried sending email to all CORSA board members using the secure system at the 
CORSA website but it was inoperative. I felt this was an important topic/issue 
to present. This was the only other place I could think to let some or all CORSA 
board members know what is going on.

Matt Nall
Web= http://tinyurl.com/3ds7d

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