<VV> Information on how to find Origin of Chevrolet Dealer that sold Corvair?

allvair at allvair.com allvair at allvair.com
Sun Dec 2 12:31:05 EST 2007

To my knowledge...gained from this Forum.....? All records were lost in a fire...so unless you have paperwork ..you are out of luck....

Your email name is rampside.....and I do not think those ever came with "Protecto-Plates"? as well..

Your VIN? will tell? where it was assembled...

Matt Nall
Web= http://tinyurl.com/3ds7d

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From: timothy edwards <rampside62 at msn.com>

Does any one have any experience in finding the origin of the Chevrolet 
Dealership that sold my Corvair?

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