<VV> Seat Belts (3 point) Installation

Mark Clarke mwclarke01 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 11:47:06 EST 2007


I have enjoyed this forum for a couple of months now and thought that I
would make my inaugural post.  The question is actually from a fellow club
member, but I will pose the question in the first person.

"I am going to put 3 point seat belts in my 65 Sedan, but I have spent
several hours trying to decide how I'm going to mount a bracket since there
is no door post in the center.  My question would be: Are there any web
sites where anyone might have pictures showing how they did this to the roof
of 1) a sedan, and 2) a coupe.  As you know, there is a double area of metal
that I might weld the bracket to - probably just to the rear of the light
wire since the seat back will be slightly to the rear of the 'half' door
post, and the belt needs to be behind that.  It shouldn't hinder the rear
seat passenger."

Thank you for your thoughts.

Mark W. Clarke
1963 Monza Convertible (PG 84hp)
Group Corvair member
CORSA member
Sugar Land, TX

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