<VV> rear wheel camber

Ray Rodriguez reray at echoes.net
Mon Dec 3 14:39:11 EST 2007

Greetings folks,

     I had a question about my late model Vairs.   Just for the hell of it lets say we are dealing with a lowered car (one is lowered, the other is maybe a hair lower then stock).  Both of my cars have very drastic camber on the rear wheels... it looks like an elephant sat on the back of the car and bent the rear axle <gg>.  Can this be adjusted out, and do you have any advice on just how much to adjust.  

     FYI my first vair had the same problem and kept chewing the inside edge off the rear tires because of it.... I dont want to chew up tires and it looks like crap... please help.

Ray Rodriguez III
CORSA member
65' Corsa 140/4 coupe undergoing restification
65' Monza 110/PG coupe daily driver

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