<VV> 3 point seat belts

Edelstein and Payne eandp at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 3 15:22:11 EST 2007


     My son and I did this on his 65 coupe about a year ago.  We installed sport seats from Summit Racing, and then 3 point belts from Corbeau (I think).  The belts come through holes basically at the shoulders, near the top of the seats, and then attach to the lap belt.  We did not attach the rear Y-belt to the roof, but bolted it to the body at the rear wheel well.  Thus it goes down at a very slight angle from the seat and to the outside of the car on each side.  The Corbeau website had a diagram showing such an installatin as being acceptable, and it was a lot easier than messing with the roof.

     The rear Y-belt actually releases at a latch from the belts that go over and through the seats.  Thus you can release the belt for people to get in and out of the back of the car, and then easily re-attach it.  Also, since the belts angle toward the outside of the car, they do not really interfere with someone sitting in the back.

     We haven't got the car on the road yet (hope to get the motor done over Christmas), so I can't tell you how well it works in real use.

                          Travis Payne    65 Monza coupe
                          Raleigh, NC     65 500 coupe 

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