<VV> rear wheel camber

HallGrenn at aol.com HallGrenn at aol.com
Mon Dec 3 18:22:36 EST 2007

Ray,  If the budget will tolerate it why not buy rebuilt rear strut  rods and 
new bushings for the stabilizer rods, install them per the instructions  and 
then take the cars, along with the alignment specs and  instructions, to a 
good alignment shop.  Otherwise plan on some  time, broken bolts, cussing and 
hard work.  I haven't followed that  advice myself yet, but I have assembled 
rebuilt parts and I will just swap  them out next time and take the car to a 
trusted alignment shop.  I  have driven almost 500,000 miles in LM Corvairs and my 
rear tires last  a long time with almost perfectly even wear once the cars are 
properly set  up.  And they certainly handle much better.
Give yourself a Christmas present early.
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