<VV> Diff NO Longer Bloing Out Lube

Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Tue Dec 4 21:39:26 EST 2007

"...Symptoms: After an extended run at highway speeds (70-80 mph), upon  
parking, and looking under vehicle the next day a puddle of diff lube can be  
found under the vehicle. The puddle size varies, but most recently it  was about 
10-inches in diameter. Reaching up and feeling the top cover of the  diff, diff 
lube is found on top of the cover. As lube level lessens, amount  of blow out 
decreases. After a period of vehicle use, gauging level of diff  lube, by 
sticking digit into fill hole, becomes impossible: add more diff  lube and repeat 
OK, I promised a report, so here it is: After trying in-cover baffles,  
different grades of gear oils and treatments, I finally relented and  took a 
non-stock measure... the cap of the vent-check assembly has been  removed; a coil of 
1/2" O.D. properly-supported horizontal-positioned  copper tube has been 
silver brazed onto the remaining, existing vent  stack; and from there, a clear 
plastic tube now leads to a vented catch can  located in the engine compartment 
(tucked behind the battery). I ran down  the highway at 75-80 MPH, and then 
checked the catch can: no blow out and no  evanesce of lube having traveled up 
the clear plastic tube. I'm headed on a trip  to the Florida Keys, tomorrow; if 
the can collects no lube over the trip, upon  return I'll remove the can from 
the engine compartment and terminate the  tubing with a breather, supporting 
the "rig"under the car and as high above  the diff as possible.
Thanks to all who responded to my posts,
Mike Mauro
67 PG, Factory A/C, Coupe

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