<VV> oil sending switch

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Tue Dec 4 22:43:20 EST 2007

The PS-15 and PS-15X come from Standard Ignition parts. They were stock 
items on FLAPS shelves for years. It is best to buy from our vendors, 
but when the switch is squirting you in the eye, going to the FLAPS is 

I used the PS-15X because the blue insulator matched the blue 
distributor cap.  DR-438X.


Frank DuVal

J R Read_HML wrote:

> The number I see on an ACDelco box for the oil pressure sending unit 
> is 14014599.  I don't know where that PS-15 number comes from since I 
> don't see it on the box or the part.
> The Corvair Underground part # is U-154
> Buy 2 and keep one in the glove box - also the special socket.
> Later, JR

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