<VV> squealing belt?

Tony tony.underwood at cox.net
Thu Dec 6 11:13:37 EST 2007

At 09:00 AM 12/4/2007, Trey Bosson wrote:
>vair brothers, this is kinda vair related, my 60 v8 vair has a new 
>alternator, new belt,belt dressing on the belt. the belt is tight. 
>when the engine is running,and it runs fine, the belt continues to 
>squeal.  any suggestions to cure this problem? trey in snowy cuba n.y.

Don't use the belt dressing.   Spray it down with silicone lube, or 
maybe some Black Magic vinyl/rubber treatment.  The belt dressing 
(depending on  brand) is probably what's making it squeak, especially 
if there are some deep pulleys along the way.  The silicon lube or 
Black Magic won't make the belt greasy enough to actually slip during 
normal running.   It does keep the belt from squeaking as it feeds 
into and out of the pulleys.

One of the old tricks to stop belts from squeaking was to rub them 
down with a bar of soap, just brush the bar against the contact 
surfaces of the belt with the engine running until it stops squeaking.


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