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I'm not sure of what you're talking about. The 'manual' valve isn't the same 
as the 'throttle valve'. And I've never heard of a PG shift cable 
stretching. Not saying it can't, but I've not heard of this.

Best (and easiest) way to check the 'manual' valve alignment is to SLOWLY 
move the dash mtd. shift lever between segments (detents), and listen ( 
feel) the tranny shifting. If the transmission shifts (changes mode) at the 
hump in the dash lever's travel, that means the cable and 'manual' valve are 

harry yarnell
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>  Hopefully you have a shop manual. If you do then follow the procedure to
> check the throttle valve adjustment first. This is the valve the throttle
> linkage is hooked to
> It's called the "manual valve", and misadjustment of it can cause just all
> kinds of amorphous PG problems.  Unfortunately, it's common for the
> adjustment to be "limited-out" in the transmission, indicating that an 
> aging
> PG shift-cable has stretched and is in need of replacement.  Its one of
> those all-too common PG problems that for some reason seems to get very
> short-shrift on this list.....I guess it's just not "glamorous" enough!
> John
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