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Bob Saunders upnorth1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 10:00:33 EST 2007

 guess my email bou8nced becauseof all the cc'c.
 here it is again...
Hi folks:

I serve as a hospital chaplain, I'm the one you will see when you come
to the ER at 3 am.

So many things can be resolved with an annual check up, many more by
seeing a physician when something unusual, like a sudden severe
headache or arm pain shows up. It is also hard on the hospital
personell when you show up after a week of chest pain, and we have to
tell your spouse or S/O that you didn't make it.

When you see a Dr yearly, He or She has an opportunity to know you,
albeit for a short time. They can get a chance to know what is
important to you, know what you would like in a worst case scenario,
and hopefully how aggressive to be when that is your desire.

Local and community clinics can cut the cost of health care for the
uninsured, as well as eating and exercising properly. {preaching to
the  choir here - aka myself}.

I am a strong advocate for Advance Directives.Y ou have a choice,
almost any treatment you would like, either very aggressive or comfort
oriented. Just let the Dr's  AND YOUR FAMILY know. For those in long
term relationships without marriage, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS unless they
are put in an advance directive. Legally, the hospital can only
acknowledge general conditions etc. in those cases.  I have seen 20+
yr loved ones kept out of a room because a blood relative did not want
them there.

In most cases your local hospital or clinic can help you fill one out,
at little or no cost. Please just don't download a generic internet
form, it probably wont be legal in your state.here is a loink to get a
state specific form from the Wall Street Journal:

I enjoy my corvair, and hope to be around to drive it for years to
come. Hope to see you driving down the road in the future as well.

Thanks to all for permitting my .25 worth x4

Chaplain Bob

On Dec 8, 2007 8:34 AM, Connie <hanssmom at cox.net> wrote:
> Hi guys-
> Lonzo's email reminded me that maybe I should send out a thought to you.  If
> you happen to have a wife/girlfriend/daughter/mother who is one of those
> women who HATES mammograms, make the appointment for her.  Take her
> yourself.


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